Choosing the right cybersecurity services partner is critical. You need a partner with deep expertise in defending against a growing universe of threats, broad experience to fill whatever gaps exist in your security capabilities and know-how, and comprehensive cybersecurity services that enable you to put together the perfect mix of defenses for your unique security challenges.


Network Security

Sustain performance and simplify management with intelligent network security.


Protecting your enterprise perimeter without compromising performance

Secure your network while sustaining performance and simplifying management. NGEN deploys next-generation firewalls and unified threat management firewalls that deliver intrusion prevention, malware protection, application intelligence and control, real-time traffic visualization, and inspection for encrypted sessions at the gateway.

  • Better security effectiveness
  • Higher performance

Data Security 

With the growing value of data as a strategic corporate asset, today’s organizations face the challenge of implementing reliable backup and recovery solutions in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible. To meet this challenge, NGEN works with businesses to carefully define their requirements and recovery objectives.

NGEN protects your entire enterprise’s data and devices with centrally-managed endpoint security and compliance solutions.


Mobile and Endpoint Security

Protect all of your endpoints from a broad range of threats.


Accelerate mobility without compromising security

Enable greater user productivity and business productivity with secure mobility solutions that protect networks, devices, and data — while enhancing the end-user experience.

  • Protect the network, devices, and data end-to-end while reducing complexity and risk
  • Remove barriers to mobile usage for end users, with transparent security and ease of use


Identity and Access Management

Enable business agility by providing the right people the right access while ensuring integrity, confidentiality, availability, and compliance.


Gain the benefits of a unified approach to IAM

Eliminate the complexities and time-consuming processes that are often required to govern identities, manage privileged accounts, and control access. NGEN helps you manage your identity and access management (IAM) challenges.

  • Define a clear path to governance, access control, and privileged management.
  • Empower the business, not IT, to make access decisions.


Email Security

Protect your organization from outside attacks, ensure the secure exchange of email, and meet compliance and e-discovery mandates.


Block threats and ensure compliance

Safeguard your data, meet compliance requirements, and enable your business — while simplifying management and controlling costs with multiple deployment options.

  • Protect your organization from outside attacks with an effective virus, zombie, phishing, and spam blocker that also helps you meet compliance and e-discovery mandates.
  • Leverage multiple-threat detection techniques, plus a unique worldwide attack identification and monitoring network.
  • Ensure the secure exchange of email containing sensitive or confidential information.
  • Better understand email usage, archive for compliance, efficiently perform e-discovery, and audit all mailboxes and access controls to prevent violations


Security Services

Strengthen IT security and compliance with managed security services, threat intelligence, security and risk consulting, and incident response.


Protect, detect and respond to an ever-changing threat landscape

Strengthen your IT security and compliance measures when you partner with NGEN for managed security services, threat intelligence, incident response and security, and risk consulting.

  • Protect IT assets — Reduce data risks with proactive services that assess risks and monitor threats. Incident response and digital forensics help minimize damage and recover data.
  • Comply with regulations — Meet industry and internal compliance requirements with NGEN services for the financial, utility, healthcare, insurance, retail, and government sectors.
  • Train employees — We can train and test your employees against social engineering threats and help you establish an effective incident response plan

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