There is an all-important network at the heart of every modern company; this allows the company to communicate internally and externally, store essential data, and perform various other functions. Nevertheless, a network can be afflicted by a wide variety of issues. Without proper monitoring, a network lacks security and optimal functionality.  

This is where a proper Network Operations Center, NOC, can be a significant benefit. NOCs are the hub that allows IT staff to support companies working remotely with remote monitoring and management, called RMM. 

How Does a NOC Work and what do NOC Technicians do? 

Companies, especially those large organizations and enterprises, typically rely on advanced networking systems to maintain a competitive edge in their industries. But, of course, the more extensive and more intricate the network, the greater the threat of malfunctions or malicious activity. NOCs are designed to mitigate these threats. While a company can handle this issue with in-house technicians, this can be especially difficult and add to business costs. Furthermore, hiring the right IT technicians to manage all aspects of a network must be on call 24/7 to provide optimal support.  

NOCs provide a suitable alternative to IT technicians for protecting the functionality of a network. A company can hire NOC technicians for a monthly fee each month. This places the responsibility of remotely monitoring the network and responding to threats and issues 24/7 in the hands of knowledgeable professionals. In addition to monitoring network systems, NOC technicians are properly equipped to handle a variety of other tasks as well.  

NOC techs are highly qualified in detecting threats and malfunctions and have the skills to respond decisively. In addition to taking action to protect the functionality of a network, NOCs can also provide a detailed report on the various issues that beset a network and are the people to call when a company begins to suffer network issues.  

NOC techs can also help the company from the beginning to set up a stalwart network. This includes choosing the best machinery, updating systems, and troubleshooting the myriad of issues that can arise across the network or even on a single device.  

Do you Need NOC Support for Your Network? 

While all businesses that rely on a network can benefit from this type of NOC support, larger organizations with extensive networks need a NOC. NOCs have the skills, training, and an experienced team of professionals who can restore a network no matter the malfunction.  

The alternative would be to rely on an in-house team of IT technicians. But this means that your IT team will be trying to provide proper monitoring services while still taking calls and dealing with the various issues arising with individual devices and systems. The monitoring provided by a dedicated IT team will be scant at best and nothing nearly as comprehensive as the 24/7 monitoring and response provided by NOC support. Furthermore, outsourcing NOC work is far more cost-effective than hiring a dedicated IT team. 

NOC excels at providing advanced network support. For example, NGEN has technicians with extensive training in monitoring, troubleshooting, and addressing the needs of all types of network systems. The attacks and issues that arise within a network are not limited to regular business hours. Because your NOC team is on duty 24/7/365, your networks will never see an unprotected moment, which ensures that they will operate more efficiently all year round.    

In conclusion, the benefits of NOC for businesses, significantly larger businesses with extensive networks, include enhanced performance, reduced downtime, and 24/7 protection from all types of attacks. In addition, outsourcing this all-important task to NOC is a cost-effective solution and provides better protection than can be provided by in-house IT staff.